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The Spring season is upon us now and although for many people this is the most beautiful time of the year, for many it can be a very challenging time. As the flowers, trees and fields begin to explode with new foliage, so do a lot of noses!


If you have an allergic reaction to pollen you will experience some or all of these symptoms: runny nose, swollen red and itchy eyes, sore and inflamed throat and sinuses with excess mucous. This is not fun! Your body is experiencing a histamine response to the pollens. The body is on alert, identifying the pollens as enemy invaders and releasing histamine in a form of defensive protection for the body. Incorporating immune supporting supplements is an excellent way to start combatting the histamine response. Ingesting vitamins, minerals and herbs that support and modulate the immune system will turn down and regulate the histamine response. 


There are many pharmaceuticals on the market to aid allergy sufferers, but these are often “band aide” cures, temporarily eliminating symptoms but not actually supporting the root cause. There are often negative side effects with these products as well. Instead, you may want to consider a safe homeopathic remedy such as Histaminum which will aid in the body’s histamine response. Quecetin is a wonderful natural supplement which prevents the immune cells from releasing histamine. Extremely safe, Quercetin may eliminate allergy symptoms. There are also many excellent herbal formulations that will halt the bodys’ response to pollen invaders that are safe and effective.


At Swan Lake Market & Garden we like to recommend the following support supplements, to name a few:



Don’t wait; enjoy your Spring this year! Come into the Wellness Department as we would love to help and support you combat the pollens that may be blowing your way.


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