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Swan Lake Wellness Department was created with you in mind, because it is you that matters most to us! We are here in Wellness to serve and support you on your wellness journey. We offer highly effective supplements at incredible prices. We freely give professional information to help you make informed decisions about your health and lifestyle.



During  the past thirty years, I have been supporting people with their natural health. 


As a Registered Hollistic Nutritionist and Chartered Herbalist, I have held many positions in the Natural Health industry including Naturopath Assistant, Vitamin Sales Manager, Wellness Store Manager, Wellness/Health Educator, Sports Nutritionist, Supplement and Beauty Products Purchaser and more. My passion is helping people make informed changes to their health and lifestyle with favourable results. I believe that I am here to help and support people to the best of my ability – always!



I am grateful to have been sharing my knowledge and passion of Natural Health for over fourteen years as a Registered Health and Nutrition Councillor, Certified Natural Products Advisor, educator, public speaker and personal life coach.

Many of our customers may recognize me as a familiar face from other health retail outlets in the Vernon area. I am passionate about inspiring people with a holistic, individual approach to overall well being. In areas of natural supplementation, homeopathy, aromatherapy, healthy diet and active lifestyle for the best possible life experience!
My goal, as a Swan Lake Wellness Associate, is to foster the optimum customer experience through ongoing education and support. 

Why It Pays To Shop At Swan Lake Wellness Department

Swan Lake Market Wellness Department officially opened in May 2022. The department was birthed out of a need to support the local community with exceptional natural health products, recommended by expert health professionals and offered at affordable prices. Since its inception, Swan Lake Wellness has continued to succeed in all of these.

The staff are all trained health experts with accreditation in a variety of natural healing areas. Collectively, the team (Stephanie, Teena, Maddi and Emily) boasts over 55 years of service in the Natural Health Industry. All companies represented in the department have been fully vetted to ensure compliance with the Natural Health Industry standards. The products that are on the shelves are all individually selected based on stringent guidelines.

If that is not enough, all products are carefully priced to be extremely competitive in the industry. Every day low pricing is evident and so there is no need for many sale items as the products are already priced to save the consumer money. By becoming a Swan Lake member, simply by signing up in store, the customer will save additionally on almost all products in the Wellness Department and the entire store.

Please come and visit the Swan Lake Wellness Department, open all year, seven days a week. The health professionals would love to help you select the products that are right for you to support your health journey.